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Oct 09,2022

How to Transport Electronic Products, What Should I Pay Attention to When Transporting Electronic Cargo?

More and more cargo is now shipped abroad, but the transportation of electronic products is a sensitive item, so you need to understand some precautions to avoid being detained by customs.



Why electronic products are sensitive items?


Why electronic products are sensitive items?First, the battery is prone to generate flammable gas during transportation, which is easy to explode and fire. If the quality of the battery itself is not good or the battery packaging is not up to standard, when the battery generates a lot of heat during transportation, but cannot dissipate heat, it will cause combustion and finally explode, endangering the personal safety of customers on the plane.


Second, you encounter the phenomenon of explosion and discharge in the peak season, once the battery explodes, it will cause great economic loss and danger.


For example, the cargo we shipped the most are adult sex dolls recently. Many of adult products contain liquids and batteries, and liquids and batteries are dangerous. Adult sex dolls are of high value. If they encounter explosions during air transportation, they will cause significant economic losses. In addition to the value of the items themselves, they need to pay for a series of compensation costs.


Therefore, when we transport electronic products, we must do safety packaging according to different products, as well as the safety inspection certificate required by the customs.



What should I pay attention to when transporting electronic cargo?


In logistics transportation, we will see some charged products. So what should be paid attention to in the transportation of electrified products?


1. Package

Electronic products are sensitive items. Therefore, we need to strictly do product packaging for the transportation of live products in international express delivery to meet the specified requirements.


1)The battery without a ticket needs to be packaged separately, and the packaging box must be strong, can pass the drop test of more than one meter, will not move the internal objects of the battery, and will not expose the internal objects.

2)Batteries (charged products) cannot be mixed with general goods.

3) Dry batteries need to be insulated and packaged for each ticket.

4)The battery with wire must be sealed well.


2. Optimize declaration information

In the process of customs clearance, if the documents are filled in incorrectly or unreasonably, it will cause a random inspection by customs. Once the goods are inspected and the live products sent by mail do not have relevant documents such as the certificate of origin and product safety license, the goods will be returned or confiscated.


3. Choose the appropriate channel for the battery (charged product) you transport

In fact, in order to transport live products in international express delivery, choosing the right channel is the most important. Due to the danger of live products in international express air transportation, there are not many channels for live products to be taken away.


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