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Jan 18,2022

What are the types of freight forwarders from China to Germany for international air cargo transportation?


Freight forwarders from China to Germany and international air freight from China to Australia International freight transportation refers to the transportation of goods between countries and countries, countries and regions. International freight includes international trade material transportation and international non-trade material transportation. Since international freight is mainly based on the transportation of international trade materials, the transportation of non-trade materials is only a part of the business of trade materials.


Freight forwarders from China to Germany and freight forwarders from China to Australia into three categories:
International air express 1. From the point of view of the form of goods


Bulk cargo (bulk cargo) does not require packaging and can be loaded directly on the means of transport. Most of these goods are goods that are not easy to pack or worth packing, such as wheat, grain, coal, pig iron and other agricultural and mineral products.



Freight forwarder from China to Germany

Bare goods are natural pieces in shape, which can be assembled into pieces without packaging or a little bundling, such as cigarettes, steel, copper ingots, vehicles, etc.


Packaged goods are goods that must be packaged to enter the market. Packaging is required for most consumer and industrial products.


2. According to the nature of the goods


Freight Forwarding Air Freight from China to Germany and shipping from china to mexico - General Cargo Regulations:


(1) National regulations


When transporting goods, the relevant regulations of the country of origin, transit and arrival of the goods should be considered. Goods that are not allowed to be exported by the country of origin cannot be transported, goods that are not allowed to be imported by relevant countries cannot be transported by air, and goods that are not allowed to transit shall not be arranged for transit in accordance with relevant state regulations.


(2) Amount limit


For air transport, the declared value of each shipment shall not exceed USD 100,000 or its equivalent in currency. Those exceeding this limit must be approved by the relevant airline company or the competent authority of the Civil Aviation Administration of China. Live goods can deteriorate due to height and transit time, etc. Therefore, only fresh perishable goods that are not perishable during normal transport can be transported, and the tonnage must be predetermined. The word "PERISHABLE" should be prominently marked on the outer packaging, waybill and related documents of the goods. Some fresh and perishable goods require dry ice protection, the packaging must be intact, and the dry ice cannot leak. The net weight of the dry ice inside should be marked on the outer packaging of the goods.


(3) Wet and damp goods


Wet goods are goods that are fresh, perishable, contain moisture or may become hydrated, including frozen items, wet flowers, vegetables, soft fruits, and other goods that may seep or return moisture. Wet goods must be packaged to prevent water leakage.


air freight from china to germany


(4) Baggage carried as cargo

Luggage carried as cargo is limited to the passenger's own clothing and travel-related items. The suitcase must be locked. If the passenger requires a key, it can be accepted, but it should be put in a sealed envelope and attached to the waybill to the destination. Voyage, flight number and date. In the "ENDORSEMENT" column of the passenger ticket, the word "UBAG", the waybill number, the number of pieces and the weight should be indicated.


(5) Dangerous goods

The transportation of dangerous goods must be handled in accordance with the relevant regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organization for the transportation of dangerous goods, and the relevant airlines must be contacted, and the agent shall not make his own claims. At the same time, it must be noted that some goods do not belong to dangerous goods by name, but actually contain dangerous substances, such as: compressed gas or oxygen in respirator, which is dangerous goods.


(6) Diplomatic pouch

 The diplomatic pouch refers to the pouch for official documents delivered as goods between the diplomacy of a country and its representative offices abroad. Diplomatic pouches should have intact seals, and the packaging and weight should be checked. If the packaging and seal are not good and the transportation is refused, the diplomatic bag should arrive at the destination on time. In addition to the diplomatic pouch, there is also diplomatic cargo, which should also be shipped as soon as possible.


3. According to the weight of the goods

 Freight Forwarders from China to Germany Airport Air Freight-Weight Cargo: The weight of the cargo is calculated by gross weight, the unit of measurement is kilograms, and the mantissa if the weight is less than 1 kilogram is rounded up. The minimum shipping fee for each air waybill is 30 yuan, and the valuables are calculated according to the actual gross weight, and the calculation unit is 0.1 kg. Light foam goods: refers to goods with a volume weight of less than 333 kg per cubic meter. Its volume is calculated according to the dimensions of the highest, longest and widest parts of the outer contour of the goods (packaged according to the packaging of the goods).