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Jan 18,2022

What is the air transportation mode of freight forwarder air transportation from China to Germany?

In the air freight process of freight forwarders from China to Germany and freight forwarders from China to the United States, there are mainly direct flight, transfer, assembly and charter.


1. Direct flight


Direct flight means that the freight forwarding aircraft from China to Germany is the same flight from the origin to the destination. There may or may not be a landing station in the middle and fly to the destination.


2. Transit


Cargo transfer from China to the United States refers to the transfer during transportation, unloading, loading on another flight, and continuing the next journey. If you've ever flown, you've probably had a similar experience, sometimes requiring a layover to get to your destination.


Transit and stopover are two different concepts. A stopover is landing on the way and then continuing on the next journey on the same flight; a layover is landing on the way, changing to another flight, and continuing on to the next journey on another flight. The fundamental difference between the two is whether or not to change the machine.

freight forwarders from China to Germany

3. Assembly


Freight forwarders from China to Germany and freight shipping from china to australia have different cost structures. In addition to the basic tariffs stipulated by IATA (International Cargo Association): MINIMUM, -45KG, +45KG, they can also decide what they can accept, but The freight forwarding company must be given different preferential discount rates according to the minimum required weight of each second warehouse (with each order of MASTER AIR WAY BILL as the price unit) of +100KG, +500KG, +1,000KG or more. In this case, when small cargo and large cargo are assembled, if the 45KG cargo is combined in the +100KG MAWB list, the freight forwarding company can enjoy the preferential rate of freight paid by the airline + 100KG or more, and the freight forwarding company will also share the difference. To customers, allowing exporters to save considerable shipping costs.


4. Charter


Chartering means that when the cargo volume is large, the lessor (usually the cargo owner or air freight forwarder) leases the entire aircraft (complete aircraft charter) or sub-leasing from the airline or charter agency company. ) is a form of air transport in which cargo is chartered together and loaded from one or more airports to the airport of its intended destination.


Compared to air transportation, charter transportation is less common. The general rate of charter transportation is lower, but it is not as convenient and frequent as flights, the approval procedures are cumbersome and complicated, and the transportation cycle is long, which greatly limits the development of charter transportation.

Charter air freight is suitable for the transportation of bulk cargo or items, but there is a risk of vacancy on the return journey, as charter air freight is charged on a round-trip basis