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Jan 20,2022

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of international air freight

International air freight is one of the most used shipping channels. Compared with international express and international shipping, what are the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of international air freight? When you send international logistics shipping from china to mexico and from China to Australia, How to choose the pros and cons of air freight?


Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of international air freight


High flexibility: as long as there are airports in two places, you can fly routes without being affected by terrain such as mountains, oceans, and deserts. Therefore, the distance of air transportation is much shorter than other modes of transportation, and the aircraft type and route can be adjusted at any time according to the passenger flow or cargo volume.

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Good safety: The safety of air transportation is higher than that of railway and sea transportation, and higher than that of road transportation. In recent years, the safety of air transport is constantly improving. According to the statistics of the International Civil Aviation Organization, in 1966, the highest number of fatalities per 100 million kilometers in the world's civil aviation crashes was 0.44, which has dropped to 0.04 in recent years.


Internationalisation shipping from china to australia: Air transport allows for strong country-to-country connections. For international trade, whether it is a ton of goods or mail, it can be easily, safely, economically and reliably transported from anywhere in the world to another place at any time. This is the impact of air transport on international exchanges and human civilization. irreplaceable contribution.


High cost: Due to the limited load of the aircraft, the expensive manufacturing of the aircraft, and the consumption of fuel, the cost of a flight is very high. Therefore, the cost of air transportation is high, resulting in high price of passenger, freight, and mail. It is only suitable for personnel exchanges, urgently-needed materials, and time-sensitive mails and packages.

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To sum up, the main advantages of air transport are as follows:


High-speed directness, because the air is less restricted by natural geographical conditions, the route generally takes the shortest distance between two points.


High safety performance, with the progress of science and technology, the aircraft continues to carry out technological innovation to enhance its safety performance, and the accident rate is low, and the insurance rate is correspondingly low.


Low packaging requirements, because the smoothness of air navigation and the automatic landing system reduce the ratio of cargo exchange, so packaging requirements can be reduced. And there are obvious advantages in avoiding loss and damage to the goods.


However, air transport also has some disadvantages:


Restricted by climatic conditions, the accuracy and normality of transportation are affected to a certain extent. Air transport is subject to great weather conditions for safety.


The transportation capacity is small and the transportation energy consumption is high. Therefore, air transportation is suitable for the transportation of items with high added value, low quality and small volume.