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Feb 14,2022

Burst! A large container ship full of Chinese goods broke down and the voyage was interrupted!

It is reported that a large container ship (15356TEU) owned by CMA CGM had an engine failure when it left Xiamen Port. At the time of the incident, the CMA CGM Far East to Red Sea REX2 service was in progress, with a voyage of 0RDBMW1MA, involving multiple shipping companies sharing cabins.

Local sources said that the large container carrying the pilot was already sailing in the narrow area of the main channel, and due to the uncontrolled, serious accident may eventually occur and block the channel.

Fortunately, the tugboat base was located near the accident site, so the three tugboats responded almost immediately and a serious accident was averted. The container ship "CMA CGM OSIRIS" was towed back to the berth. After inspection, it was found that the main engine of the ship was seriously damaged and needed to be sent to the shipyard for repair.

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Container ship "CMA CGM OSIRIS" data map

As of February 7, more than 5,000 containers have been unloaded, and the container ship "CMA CGM OSIRIS" will be towed to a ship repair yard in Shanghai. The container will be delivered to the destination port by an alternative vessel.

It is understood that the container ship "CMA CGM OSIRIS" will be built by Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd. in 2021 and fly the flag of Malta with a capacity of 15,356TEU.

At the time of the incident, the ship was serving the REX2 route of CMA CGM, and the voyage was 0RDBMW1MA.
The ship is still berthing at present. It called at Shanghai Yangshan Port and Ningbo Port on January 26 and January 28 respectively. According to the original ship schedule, the next port the ship will call at is Shekou Port, and then it will be fully loaded. Chinese goods head to the ports of Singapore, Jeddah and Djibouti.

CMA CGM REX2 Service Rotation Roadmap

According to the data of the large shipping schedule, the co-cabin shipping company of the ship may include:ANL、CMA CGM、CNC、COSCO SHIPPING、EVERGREEN、OOCL和PIL。

I would like to remind you that if there is a Chinese overseas air company carrying the cargo owner of the container ship, please pay attention to the ship and cargo dynamics in time, keep in touch with the shipping company, and learn about the latest news of the ship, the delay of cargo and shipping schedule, and the situation of substitute ships.