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Feb 14,2022

The epidemic has repeatedly intensified, ports are blocked, blizzard weather interrupts transportation, and the US supply chain turmoil continues!

According to data from the Pacific Maritime Association of the United States, more than 1,800 workers at ports on the west coast of the United States have tested positive for the new crown in recent days. The number of daily worker infections continues to increase, and the shortage of port labor will continue to worsen!

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Affected by the extreme weather of the blizzard brought by the "bomb cyclone", some states in the United States urgently closed highways, severely disrupted traffic, over 3,800 flights were cancelled, and 4,200 flights were delayed. The temporary closure of road traffic this time has forced the shipments that should have been delivered on time to be delayed due to weather problems. Not only that, while the tail-end delivery was affected, some Amazon warehouses were also closed due to extreme weather.seriously affected freight forwarder from china to usa and the supply chain, hoarding household essential materials has become a top priority for most families in the United States, and many essential materials in offline supermarkets in the United States have been looted.
Shippers and forwarders who plan to ship to the United States recently, pay attention to controlling risks and pay attention to logistics delays in real time.

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