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Feb 23,2022

Hong Kong's epidemic counterattack, thousands of people are added each day, and the number of people has increased sharply on the 16th

Recently, the epidemic in Hong Kong has counterattacked, and the number of people has increased by 1,000. On the 16th, there have been at least 4,285 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia.

Hong Kong truck drivers from China and Hong Kong companies are concentrated in isolation, and the transit time is very slow. On the 16th, many Chinese and Hong Kong companies announced that they would suspend business through Hong Kong, carry out epidemic prevention training, and wait for further notice from the government to start operations.

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This operation has brought a lot of pressure to the transportation capacity from the mainland to Hong Kong, and the cost of transiting through the port is gradually increasing, and the transit time cannot be guaranteed. Shippers who need to leave Hong Kong should pay more attention to the transit time to avoid missing the flight. If it is general cargo, if it is not necessary, it is recommended to fly directly from the mainland.

The Lantern Festival has just passed, and the factory has just begun to gradually resume work. The volume of goods in the market Relatively few, and now the domestic price is still very competitive.
I hope that the epidemic situation in Hong Kong can be brought under control within this week, and normal life can be resumed next week, and air logistics services can resume normal work!


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