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Feb 26,2022

The strongest storm hits Europe and the United States! A large number of goods are affected! Some Amazon warehouses are closed, tail end delivery or delays...

The strongest storm hits many European countries, and a large number of goods from China and Europe are affected
Recently, due to the influence of extreme weather in some parts of the United States, the current situation of difficult delivery of Amazon warehouses has been aggravated. Some Amazon warehouses have been temporarily closed, and the tail end delivery may be delayed; many European countries were hit by the 11th-level severe storm "Eunis". , ports were hit hard.

The impact of extreme weather is very wide, and the logistics and transportation of cross-border sellers are also delayed. A seller who has already shipped the goods said that the news given by the air logistics service is that the unloading and picking up of the containers that arrived at the port on Friday and weekends will most likely be delayed, and the containers that do not arrive at the port are expected to be delayed.

shipping from china to germany

The port of Rotterdam in Europe and the port of Felixstowe in the United Kingdom are still affected by strong winds. Some freight forwarders said that the unloading of containers will be delayed. The ports will be closed from weekends to Monday, and port operations will be stopped. The specific recovery time will be notified later.