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Nov 04,2021

Air Freight Service: Shipping Market Dynamics in Week 44


North China: The China International Import Expo (CIIE) will be held in Shanghai from November 5th to 10th, and some airlines will cancel their scheduled cargo and passenger aircraft Air freight services during this period. Affected by this, market prices have risen sharply. Due to limited capacity, it is expected that the transportation time will be extended by 3 to 5 days.


South China: The export capacity of Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) is still tight, and some passenger flights have not resumed; and the demand for capacity continues. Prices for the Trans-Pacific Eastbound Route (TPEB) and the Far East-West Nordic Route (FEWB) both rose this week. Regarding the export of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN), some airlines have begun to refuse to accept large-scale cargo, or extend the transportation time, up to 3 weeks. Prices of the Trans-Pacific Eastbound Route (TPEB) and the Far East-West Nordic Route (FEWB) have also continued to rise.


Taiwan, China: The market is still extremely tight, with prices at record highs. It is estimated that the detention time of the standard transportation service at the place of departure is at least 7 days, and the detention time of the express service is at least 3 days. Various airlines announced that they will increase prices by 15-25% starting from November 3, including the Trans-Pacific Eastbound Route (TPEB) and the Far East West Nordic Route (FEWB).


Southeast Asia: Bangkok International Airport (BKK) export prices and space are similar to the previous week. Most airlines can only accept small cargo volumes. The increase in non-battery cargo capacity to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and New York's Kennedy International Airport (JFK) has slightly eased the market situation. In northern Vietnam, the freight volume of corporate customers in the market in October increased by 30% from the previous month. This trend may continue into November, but no new capacity is expected to enter the market. The space will be extremely tight until the end of the month. Export prices in southern Vietnam have been rising every week and have exceeded the export prices of Noi Bai International Airport (HAN). The new crown epidemic in southern Vietnam has stabilized, but due to a surge in cargo volume and an increase in temporary charter flights, the cargo terminal has a serious backlog.

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The weekly export demand in Europe remains high. Direct flights to the east coast of the United States are still full this week. Affected by this, weekly prices have also risen further. The previous advice is still valid: if it can be transported via a secondary hub and time permits, there are still very attractive transportation options in the market. It is expected that as various festivals approach, demand will further increase in November. It is expected that capacity tends to remain stable, as vaccinated passengers can fly from the United States to Europe.


The ground handling pressure of the cargo terminal at Amsterdam International Airport (AMS) and Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is still very heavy. Frankfurt Airport (FRA) has not seen any significant improvement in imported cargo. It is recommended to allow more time for cargo destined for Frankfurt Airport (FRA) or switch to other German hubs.


The pressure on the ground handling sub-cargo terminal at Amsterdam International Airport (AMS) mainly comes from export cargo. The branch company is hiring more people and opening more warehouses if space permits. Multiple entrances and exits have been added to the freight station to free up more space for more trucks to load and unload cargo.


The Far East Eastbound (FEEB) route remains unchanged this week. Capacity is still controllable.


For all routes sent from Europe, we continue to suggest: book at least 7 days in advance before the goods are ready to get the ideal price and route plan.


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The demand for US Air freight services export goods rose further in November. For large quantities of goods sent from all export hubs to Europe, Latin America or Asia, it may take 2 to 4 days from booking to take-off.


As the US government lifts the ban on European passengers (effective on November 8), European airlines will gradually increase more belly-carrying cargo capacity.


Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)/Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)/New York Kennedy Airport (JFK) is still facing a large backlog and began to use off-airport facilities to deal with the influx of cargo. This will also affect the influx due to the trickle-down effect. Export of goods. Many airports have shortened the free inventory time and adopted earlier customs clearance time for export goods to allow longer time for sorting and screening.