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Nov 29,2021

Building an international aviation hub, Xi'an aviation logistics develops by leaps and bounds

On November 26, the area of ​​the West Airport Group Aviation Logistics Company was still busy. The logistics company’s large trucks were unloading in the departure area, and a box of cargo entered the warehouse through the security check, waiting for the inventory to take off. In the business hall on one side, Mao Rui of Shaanxi Jinmeng Logistics was filling out the freight bill. In just a few minutes, the formalities of the order were completed. Mao Rui has been engaged in logistics work for seven or eight years. She has been a witness and a participant in the process of further accelerating the construction of the aviation logistics hub with the increasingly simplified business handling and the increasingly complete route network.


It is Yang Ziwei, the duty director of the domestic business hall, who provides service for the handlers. She introduced: “It will not take more than 3 minutes to fill in an order. Most of the goods are express."


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After filling in the form, the goods are transferred to the warehouse area and loaded on the pallet according to the flight classification. The information of the goods is recorded in the "workbook". "Our colleagues all say that filling in the goods information is "doing". Operation', this operation can not be sloppy. There are eight or nine pallets for a flight. The information must be accurate, especially the weight. Overweight flights will have safety hazards, and lighter flights will cause traffic loss." Once worked in the International Security Department Tang Haobin, a staff member who has been out of the port for two years, told reporters: “The staff in the reservoir area is also on duty 24 hours a day. As long as there are flights, they must be on duty until two or three in the morning when there are more flights. Focus."


Receiving, security, weighing, re-weighting, transshipment...After multiple processes in the reservoir area, the goods finally "board" the plane and depart for the destination. The whole process is visually presented on the big screen of the big data application center of the aviation logistics company, "Today's weight of cargo in and out of Xi'an; Shenzhen SF Airlines tonnage and sorties, China Southern Airlines tonnage and sorties..." All kinds of data refreshed in 5 minutes make the operation situation clear at a glance. The monitoring will transmit back to each site in real time, and the GPS-equipped tractor has a clear track on the electronic plan.


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The scenes and scenes are all vivid demonstrations of air supply logistics company’s accelerating the construction of the aviation logistics hub. In 2021, the aviation logistics company will promote Xi’an-Pudong, Xi’an-Tokyo, Xi’an-Yekaterinburg, Xi’an-Novosibirsk, Moscow-Xi’an-Almaty. The all-cargo route was successfully opened, and routes to Japan, South Korea, Central Asia, West Asia and Europe were successfully encrypted, further enhancing the status of Xi’an Xianyang International Airport as an international aviation hub. Up to now, a total of 38 all-cargo routes, 19 domestic routes, 19 international routes have been opened, including 1 fifth freedom right route.


Ma Zhen, deputy general manager of West Airport Group Aviation Logistics Co., Ltd., introduced that in the third-phase expansion project of Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, the company responded to the requirement of "integration of construction and operation", based on actual needs of operation assurance and future development needs, and carried out design and construction based on operation. . After the completion of the project, the expanded West Cargo Area will have an annual handling capacity of 450,000 tons; the newly built East Cargo Area will have an annual handling capacity of 300,000 tons. It is estimated that the overall cargo and mail throughput of Xi'an Airport will reach 1 million tons by 2030.