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Dec 06,2021

Shipping market dynamics in week 48


North China: Demand has increased again, and price levels have risen from the previous week. With the discovery of a mutant strain of the new crown virus in South Africa, the global supply chain is expected to become more distorted. The number of new crown pneumonia-related goods shipped to Europe is rapidly increasing, and it is expected to become the main driving force for the trade channel between Far East and West Northern Europe (FEWB). The tight market situation is expected to continue until the Spring Festival.


South China: The export market in South China is the same as the previous week. The capacity is relatively tight, and some passenger flights have not resumed operations. Prices for the Trans-Pacific Eastbound Route (TPEB) and the Far East-West Nordic Route (FEWB) have both increased, with FEWB being particularly noticeable. Some carriers have also announced the cancellation of Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)/Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN) export flights. On the export side of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN), many airlines continue to refuse to accept large-scale cargo or extend the transportation time for up to 3 weeks.


Taiwan, China: The air supply shipping market is still very tight, with limited shipping capacity. Last week, China Airlines cancelled multiple flights to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)/Kennedy International Airport (JFK) due to aircraft mechanical problems. These cancellations will increase the length of stay of flights at the origin, especially flights to JFK International Airport (estimated 4 to 7 days increase). By mid-December, the capacity to the east coast of the United States was almost full. Due to continued strong demand, prices on the East Coast of the United States and San Francisco International Airport (SFO) are expected to rise. The new prices may be implemented from December 6 to mid-December, but official announcements are pending. For the far east and west Nordic trade routes, the market continues to be tight and the capacity is full, but the price level has not changed significantly. EVA Air and China Airlines will resume direct flights to London Heathrow Airport (LHR) in December.


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Southeast Asia: Bangkok International Airport (BKK) has very limited export capacity and can only accept a small amount of cargo. It is recommended to book the space at least 10 days before the delivery date. The export space of all trans-Pacific eastbound routes (TPEB) in southern Vietnam is very tight. Export demand is still increasing, and there is a backlog of goods in terminal warehouses. In order to ensure space, you should book at least 1 to 2 weeks in advance. The airline has not announced the cancellation of flights during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Spaces on the far east-west Nordic route (FEWB) are particularly tight. Recently, many pilots of Cathay Pacific were infected with the new crown virus and adopted quarantine measures, which greatly affected their European services and caused a slight price increase. The export space in northern Vietnam is tight and demand is increasing. Carriers usually announce some flight cancellations around this time, but the official announcement has not yet been released. The price of FEWB has risen.



The high level of US export demand will continue into the last few weeks of December. For large quantities of cargo sent from all export hubs to Europe, Latin America or Asia, it may take 2 to 4 days from booking to take-off.


The U.S. authorities lifted the ban on European Union passengers, and European airlines are gradually increasing the cargo capacity in the belly cabin of passenger planes. Routes to Latin America have also deployed additional capacity.


Shipping From China To USA


Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)/Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)/New York Kennedy Airport (JFK) is still facing a large backlog and began to use off-airport facilities to cope with the influx of cargo. This will also affect the influx due to the trickle-down effect. Export of goods. Many airports have shortened the free inventory time and adopted earlier customs clearance time for export goods to allow longer time for sorting and screening.


Prices sent to Latin America, Europe and Asia are showing seasonal increases, and the price level will continue into the last few weeks of December.


Due to the influx of inbound cargo from Shipping From China To USA into the terminals of major European hubs, the transit time to these hubs has been significantly extended.


It is recommended to book in advance in consideration of the current detention time at the airport.