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Dec 08,2021

Eastern Airlines strategically acquires shares of China Logistics Group!

(December 6th), China Air Supply Logistics Group Co., Ltd. was formally established. The newly formed China Logistics Group consists of the former China Railway Materials Group Co., Ltd., and China Materials Storage and Transportation Group Co., Ltd., China Central Place International Logistics Co., Ltd., China Logistics Co., Ltd., and China Packaging The limited liability company is based on the integration of 4 companies.


Simultaneously introduce China Eastern Airlines Group Co., Ltd., China COSCO Shipping Group Co., Ltd., and China Merchants Group Co., Ltd. as strategic investors to form close strategic coordination.


The shareholding structure of China Logistics Group is as follows: The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and China Chengtong Holding Group Co., Ltd. hold 38.9%; the three strategic investors hold 10%, 7.3%, and 4.9%, respectively. China Logistics Group is another central enterprise with diversified equity under the direct supervision of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.


Air Supply Logistics


At present, the newly established China Logistics Group has business outlets covering 30 domestic provinces (cities, districts) and five overseas continents, with a land area of ​​24.26 million square meters, a warehouse of 4.95 million square meters, and a material yard of 3.56 million square meters; it has a dedicated railway line 120 warehouses and 42 futures delivery warehouses; integrated social road freight vehicles of nearly 3 million; international trains run across Asia and Europe, and have a strong competitive advantage in the Air freight services international logistics market.


During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, China Logistics Group will position itself as a "integrated logistics service solution provider and global supply chain organizer", with the mission of "promoting modern circulation and safeguarding the national economy and the people's livelihood", and strives to develop supply chain logistics. , Civilian logistics, special logistics, dangerous goods logistics, industrial logistics, emergency logistics, cold chain logistics, cross-border logistics, etc., covering warehousing, transportation, distribution, packaging, multimodal transportation, international freight forwarding, futures delivery, cross-border e-commerce, Comprehensive logistics services such as international trade, logistics design, supply chain management, processing and manufacturing, technology research and development, e-commerce, etc.


Committed to building a world-class comprehensive modern air supply logistics enterprise group with global competitiveness.