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Dec 11,2021

The aviation industry will face a continuing shortage of containers

The global air supply logistics business will continue to face the crisis of container shortages, which is the most serious in trans-Pacific trade.


A few days ago, Frank Hung, vice president of sales and marketing at Descartes Systems Group’s core transportation technology company, said in an interview that the reasons for the continuing shortage of air cargo containers are complex, and it is difficult to predict how long the shortage will last.


Hung said that the shortage of air cargo containers is caused by the disruption of the supply chain and the interruption of the transportation business. It is the most serious in trans-Pacific trade.


"The continuous backlog of cargo in the warehouses of airlines and freight forwarders, coupled with transportation problems, such as the shortage of pilots and capacity restrictions, have affected the availability of air cargo containers." Huang said.


China agent shipping


Hung added that according to the investigation, the inventory backlog of air cargo container manufacturers, although operating at maximum capacity, cannot meet current demand. Moreover, the lead time for new air cargo containers will be at least 4-6 months.


“The warehouse space of China agent shipping is continuing to decrease. Many freight forwarders use air cargo containers as auxiliary storage equipment. This behavior has exacerbated the shortage of containers. Currently, airlines are trying to lease more aircraft and provide services that can speed up the return of empty containers. Efficient incentives and measures to speed up the progress of facility maintenance to meet these challenges."


"It is difficult for airlines to obtain transportation pallets from leasing companies, although many airlines are willing to pay extra for pallets. The shortage of pallets will continue to delay the progress of shipments, which will have an impact on the entire supply chain."