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Dec 29,2021

Port congestion, capacity will continue to decline

2021 is about to end, but the demand for Ocean freight services is still strong, and the outlook for the beginning of 2022 is still uncertain. On December 23, Maersk Group issued a report stating that in the first quarter of 2022, due to delays in shipping schedules, shipping capacity will continue to be restricted. It is expected that space will remain very tight during the entire Lunar New Year.


Due to the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year holiday (February 1-7), some barge services in southern China will be suspended, and there may be a peak freight before the holiday.


In terms of container conditions, it is expected that 40-inch containers will be under-supply, but 20-inch containers will have a surplus. As demand remains strong and orders are backlogged, it is expected that the export market will continue to be saturated.


Maersk announced the market situation of major routes:


Asia to Northern Europe

The interruption of capacity will still affect the overall capacity. At least before the Lunar New Year, the phenomenon of capacity interruption will still be very common. Our goal is to take advantage of the extensive cargo network deployment, put in overtime ships where appropriate, digest the backlog of cargo, and maintain agility. We will update the schedule information regularly, and notify the estimated time of arrival (ETA)/estimated time of departure (ETD)


Ocean freight services


freight forwarder china to germany

Due to port congestion, capacity is expected to continue to decline. We plan to put in four overtime ships in December to reduce the impact of empty voyages. The congestion of North American ports is unlikely to improve in a short period of time. Therefore, it is recommended that customers appropriately extend the delivery cycle between the estimated arrival time and the actual departure time.


Asia to Latin America
"Ro-Ro cargo transportation will be under control. The waiting time at the origin and destination ports is longer, which will still put a certain pressure on the flight rate. For the X4A route, we are considering suspending the busan once every two weeks. /Calling at Hong Kong port, so as to ensure that the ship sails from Asia on time.


Asia to Africa
Before the Lunar New Year, the supply of 40-inch containers will be very tight. It is recommended that customers book in advance and consider 20-inch containers as an alternative. There will be a capacity bottleneck in North China, and we are working hard to overcome this problem.


Asia to Australia and New Zealand
The waiting time at the origin and destination ports is long, which will still put a certain pressure on the capacity, and it will be very difficult to maintain the normal weekly sailing schedule.