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Dec 29,2021

The annual cargo and mail throughput of Baiyun Airport exceeded 2 million tons for the first time!

On December 25, 2021, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport air supply shipping achieved a new breakthrough of 2 million tons of cumulative cargo and mail throughput that year! Among them, the international and regional cargo and mail throughput increased by more than 20% year-on-year, providing strong support for the rapid growth of the total volume of cargo and mail.


Ensure smooth global economic and trade exchanges

With the global economy and supply chain affected by the epidemic, Baiyun Airport actively promotes the development of international logistics and transportation. The annual growth trend of cargo and mail volume is relatively stable. After the monthly cargo and mail volume exceeded 180,000 tons for the first time in September, October and November The monthly cargo and mail volume has been increasing month by month.


In 2021, in addition to scheduled cargo flights, Baiyun Airport's air supply shipping guarantees more than 15,000 international passenger-to-cargo flights, an increase of more than 50% year-on-year, making important contributions to maintaining the safety and stability of the industrial supply chain and smoothing the global economic operation context.


Air freight services


Consignment funding power global anti-epidemic


Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Baiyun Airport has actively contributed to the global anti-epidemic work, focusing on ensuring the delivery of anti-epidemic materials and cargo charter flights, and providing high-quality and high-efficiency guarantee services for the country's foreign transportation of new crown vaccines, anti-epidemic materials and other important items.


Cargo and mail volume achieve leapfrog development


In the 17 years since the transition, Baiyun Airport’s Air freight services annual cargo and mail volume has achieved "four consecutive jumps", leaping an average of 500,000 tons every five years — 500,000 tons in 2004 and 1 million tons in 2010 , Breaking through 1.5 million tons in 2015, and achieving a historic breakthrough of 2 million tons in 2021; international cargo and mail business has made great progress, from less than 100,000 tons in 2004 to more than 1.4 million tons in 2021; global airport cargo The postal volume ranking has also been promoted from 26th in 2005 to 15th in 2020, achieving leapfrog development.