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Aug 10,2021

Airsupply:What are the prohibited items for air transportation?

Many friends want to send goods to other countries, but they don’t know much about the policies of Air freight services. According to the latest regulations in 2018, some air freight goods are not allowed to be transported. Now let’s take a look at the prohibition on air freight


1. In air cargo, it is prohibited to transport cargo that endangers the normal flight safety of the aircraft. During transportation, there may be substances that endanger human health and safety and cause harm to the human body.


2. Some valuables cannot be transported, such as cash, some securities, credit cards used by people, precious jewelry, cameras, etc.


Air freight services


3. Non-replaceable items, manuscripts and fragile items are not used for cabin transportation, eyes, see-through glasses, glass containers, and liquids. These items are not allowed to be transported in the passenger cabin, but should be carried or carried with you.


The above are some transportation rules and regulations in Air freight services. Some customers carry goods privately in western Zhejiang. If the airline loses or damages the checked baggage or the above items, it will not be compensated. Passengers are not allowed to carry knives and dangerous goods on the plane. If it needs to be carried, the relevant department shall issue a relevant certificate.