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Aug 11,2021

Airsupply:Precautions for consignment of pets by air

After you plan to travel or confirm your itinerary, you can call the Air freight service company as soon as possible. The air freight service company will designate a person to assist or prepare the required items and go through various documents and procedures for you throughout the process, including special aviation cages and animals. Quarantine certificate, entry-exit certificate, pet health check, timely confirmation of route booking aerobic warehouse, etc.


Four precautions for pet consignment:


1. Get in place early


Since the transportation of pets must be equipped with an aerobic cargo plane, book the space in advance and arrive at the cargo area 4 hours before departure to ensure that your pet will be transported away and arrive on the same plane with you in a safe time.


2. Avoid squeezing


First of all, we must prepare strong and durable special air boxes to transport pets. On the one hand, domestic airlines have certain requirements for the packaging of live goods, and on the other hand, it is also for the safety of the pets themselves. In addition, you can tie a plastic product with tape on the top of the air box, so as not to prevent the porter from pressing other items on the box.


Air freight service


3. Provide drinking water


Almost all air boxes will be accompanied by drinking fountains. You can freeze the filled drinking fountains in the refrigerator to form ice cubes, and then install them in the flight box when you get on the plane, so you don't have to worry about the water being knocked over and the pets have no water to drink.


4. Don't transfer


As long as there is no transfer during the Air freight services journey, the possibility of pets being sent to other places by mistake will be much smaller. If your plane takes off late, you can ask the cargo office to send your pet to the cargo hold later to ensure its safety.