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Aug 12,2021

Airsupply:Things to pay attention to when shipping by air service

As a researcher in the air freight service industry, I would like to give some advice to Air Cargo Logistics companies during the loading process, hoping to help.


1.Confirm the weight and volume with the customer in time. If the customer does not confirm the weight and volume, the cost will be very troublesome when the goods fly out.


2.Generally, the customer’s cargo and documents are declared on the same day, so the space arrangement is more troublesome. It is recommended to declare as much space as possible. If there are fewer spaces, it is difficult to add space. If there are more spaces, you can find a way to collect some goods.


Air Cargo Logistics


3.Generally, the airlines and the first-level agency companies have basically arranged the space before 12 noon. In this case, it is not suitable to pick up the bulk cargo that requires departure on the second day. It is best not to pick up the space before the space is determined, otherwise it will be very Passive.


4.In principle, Air Cargo Logistics should require the cargo to be in the airline's warehouse for more than 24 hours. In actual operation, it only needs to be delivered the night before the plane takes off. Special urgent cargo can be handed over on site. In principle, it is 4 hours before the departure of the cargo plane and 2 hours before the departure of the passenger plane. However, it is recommended to be as early as possible, as far as possible, do not advise customers to hand over on site.


5.The waybill must be confirmed with the customer in time, and the Chinese name of the customs declaration must be provided by the customer.


The above are all the details of aviation logistics, but every detail is related to the interests of cargo owners and the reputation of the airline. Whether these are done properly has a certain impact on the development of the airline.