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Aug 13,2021

Airsupply:The difference between air freight service and ocean freight service

AVIC International Logistics Group Co., Ltd. is an air transportation-based logistics (3PL) service company approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the Ministry of Trade. We have contacts with some airlines, such as CX CV RU OZ and so on. Starting from a single domestic air transport, the company has now developed into a comprehensive logistics company that can engage in domestic Air Freight Services, domestic land transport, and express LTL transportation.


In layman's terms, the difference between air transport services and ocean transport services, air transport is the abbreviation of air transport, that is, transport by plane. Water transportation and maritime transportation refer to water transportation. But nowadays, shipping is generally called shipping only by sea, and shipping by inland waterway is called water transportation. What is the difference between air freight and sea freight? Look down together


The difference between air freight and sea freight



1. Different transportation methods (reflected in many aspects such as customs declaration, customs declaration by sea is much more cumbersome than customs declaration by air)


2. the freight is different (the freight per kilogram by sea is cheaper than the air freight)


3. The transportation time is different (Air freight service is definitely faster than ocean freight service)


4. Different transport carriers (limited by means of transport, shipping and air transport require more things than transport)


5. Air freight is extended on the basis of sea freight (sea freight was first developed in foreign trade, and then air freight was developed later)