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Aug 23,2021

Airsupply:Air cargo prices have soared up to 40%, how to deal with it?

Civil Aviation Resources Network August 22, 2021 News: According to Air Freight Services World, the price of air freight on trans-Pacific routes and the Asia-Europe trade corridor has risen by 20%-40% in August. According to industry insiders, two confirmed cases have been found at Shanghai Pudong Airport recently, and the strengthening of epidemic prevention and control measures is expected to cause air cargo prices to rise again.


As several passenger planes are still grounded, this kind of air transport capacity restriction may continue to push up prices. So what are the reasons for the increase in air cargo prices? How long is this passive situation expected to last at least?


According to a reporter who has been engaged in aviation logistics for many years, as of the beginning of this month, the international flights of Air China and China Southern Airlines have triggered the most circuit breakers, resulting in reduced capacity and rising sea freight prices, which has also boosted air freight rates. There are three new local cases in Shanghai, all of which are foreign freighter operators, which is expected to cause a backlog of cargo at Pudong Airport and cause further increases in freight rates.



Wang Jiangmin, an expert on the Civil Aviation Resources Network, said that due to the impact of the epidemic, the air cargo market prices are now showing a trend of rising. For the current market, it is actually an abnormal phenomenon. After all, this is caused by the reduction of normal flights, the increase of epidemic prevention and control management methods, and the impact of cargo backlog.


Experts from the Civil Aviation Resource Network also said that Shanghai Pudong Airport is the largest international air cargo port in my country, and the epidemic originating from the Pudong Airport’s international cargo area will seriously affect international cargo apron operations. The efficiency of cargo handling will definitely be reduced due to the strengthening of anti-epidemic and anti-epidemic measures for planes, container loaders, and cargo, which will suppress the Japanese air cargo distribution capacity of Pudong Airport. Short-term capacity reduction, under the circumstance that the original demand of international freight remains unchanged, short supply will cause the freight rate to rise in the short term.


Experts believe that, but the long-term does not support the continued high freight rates. Pudong Airport's international aviation Air Freight Services capabilities will be quickly restored after the epidemic is quickly controlled and other guaranteed resources are increased. Supply and demand will return to equilibrium as soon as possible. This is the work goal of the airport business department. The freight rate is expected to return to the level before the epidemic in Pudong within 1-2 weeks.