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Aug 25,2021

Airsupplycn: Pros and Cons of Air Cargo Service Transportation

Air freight services have become an important means of international transportation and play an important role in promoting international technology, economic cooperation, and cultural exchanges. It is suitable for the transportation of high value-added, low-quality, and small-batch goods. In most cases, it works every day; fast transportation; postal transportation; bird transportation is a new mode of transportation.


When other modes of transportation are not available, air transportation is generally considered a very safe emergency service. This is fast, timely and expensive, but for manufacturers committed to the global market, air freight may be the most cost-effective mode of transportation when considering inventory and customer service issues.


The main advantages of air cargo companies are as follows:


1. Since the air is not restricted by physical and geographical conditions, the shortest distance between two points is generally used for high-speed through.


2. High safety performance. With the advancement of science and technology, aircraft continue to innovate in technology to improve safety performance, with low accident rates and low insurance rates.


Air freight services


Three. Good economy and long service life:


1、The packaging requirements are very low, because the smooth air navigation and automatic landing systems reduce the speed of the goods exchange, so the packaging requirements can be reduced, and the loss and damage of the goods can be avoided, which has obvious advantages.


2. Low inventory levels.


3. Stay competitive and open up the market.


The main disadvantages of Air freight service companies are as follows:


Due to the limitation of climatic conditions, the accuracy and normality of traffic are affected to a certain extent. Airport facilities are required, traffic is inconvenient, facilities have become very high, maintenance costs are also high, transportation capacity is small, transportation energy consumption is high, and transportation Technical requirements are also very high, personnel (flying Crew and crew) training costs are high.