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Aug 25,2021

Meilan Airport Reopening Haikou=Sydney International Cargo Route

At 06:10 am on August 20th, the HU797 "Haikou=Sydney" international cargo Air freight services flight operated by Hainan Airlines took off smoothly from Haikou Meilan International Airport (hereinafter referred to as "Meilan Airport"), which is Meilan Airport The resumption of the second international cargo route represents that the resumption of international and regional cargo routes of Meilan Airport is being carried out in an orderly manner in accordance with the principle of “guaranteeing epidemic prevention safety and step-by-step recovery”, and steadily advancing the process of resuming work and production.


Since the resumption of the "Jakarta-Singapore-Haikou" international cargo route on August 18, Meilan Airport has accelerated the restoration of other international and regional cargo routes, and carried out a guarantee capability review meeting with various guarantee units. At the same time, actively coordinate with airlines to jointly solve the problems in flight protection, clarify the guarantee conditions for flight recovery and various epidemic prevention control measures, and carry out tabletop exercises and practical exercises on flight protection to ensure the safety and order of flight protection.


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At present, Meilan Airport has perfected the "Haikou Meilan International Airport International Cargo Flight Epidemic Prevention Operation Manual" and strictly implemented the "four fixed and two concentrated" measures for international cargo security, from fixed operators, fixed production equipment, fixed resting areas, and fixed operating sites. , Work area concentration, operator housing concentration and isolation concentration are all improved, and together with each stationed unit, the Meilan Airport regional joint prevention and control mechanism and the epidemic prevention and control supervision and inspection mechanism have been established to summarize and communicate the implementation of various types in a timely manner. The epidemic prevention and control policy is to jointly guard the epidemic prevention and control line of the airport portal.


In order to achieve the goal of "external defense input, internal defense rebound, and personal defense", in the follow-up, Meilan Airport will continue to implement the evaluation and continuous operation monitoring and fusing mechanism before the departure of international and regional cargo flights, as well as the security capabilities of the airport, Factors such as the level of epidemic prevention and control of flight routes will be more carefully evaluated, and the resumption of international and regional cargo routes will be gradually and orderly carried out to ensure that the prevention and control work is accurate, standardized and strict.