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Aug 26,2021

2022 (IATA DGR 63 Edition) Lithium Battery Air Transport Regulation Modification

This week, the International Airlines Air Freight Services Transport Association issued an updated notice <SIGNIFICANT CHANGES AND AMENDMENTS TO THE 63RD EDITION (2022)> for the contents of the IATA DGR 63 version of the Air Transport Dangerous Goods Regulations, which will revise all the changes made by the IATA Dangerous Goods Committee It was released, and the rules for air transportation of various dangerous goods were adjusted again. The new rules will be implemented in January 2022.


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The notice pointed out that IATA DGR 63 (2022) has made supplements and corrections to the content of the ICAO Technical Directives 2021-2022. In addition, the 63rd edition has added an appendix based on the revised content of the upcoming 22nd edition of the UN Model Regulations, and the changes that the ICAO Dangerous Goods Expert Group has agreed to join the 2023-2024 edition of the ICAO Technical Directive. The detailed information effective on January 1, 2023 was announced in advance. The changes involved in the air transportation of lithium batteries in this revision include:


1. The sections of PI965 Section II and PI968 Section II have been deleted (for details, please refer to the "ICAO Amendments to Lithium Battery Rules"). The two articles also give a three-month transition period to March 31, 2022. end. At the same time, corresponding deletions and modifications were made to 1.6.1; SP A334;; Table 9.1.A and Table 9.5.A in DGR to deal with the deletion of PI965 II and PI968 II.


2. The packaging options of PI966 Section I and PI969 Section I (the device and the lithium ion battery or lithium metal battery are placed in one package) have been clarified and modified: the lithium battery is placed in a small UN package, and then placed in a sturdy large package with the device. In the packaging; or the lithium battery is placed in the UN large package together with the device; the packaging option of Section II is deleted.


3. Modifications implemented in January 2023: The requirement of Test Summary (Test Summary) for devices (including circuit boards) containing only lithium button batteries has been cancelled.


4. Starting from January 2023, the Lithium Battery Handling Mark will be revised, and the display requirement of the phone number on the mark will be cancelled. It will be a transitional period before December 31, 2026. You can continue to use the existing battery before then. Lithium battery operation mark.


Air Freight Services

Air Freight Services

Air Freight Services

The IATA DGR of the International Air Transport Association is updated every year. Airsupply has been paying close attention to it and notified readers as soon as possible to help everyone maintain transportation compliance, reduce operational errors and increase costs, and avoid penalties or laws caused by violations. responsibility.


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