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Sep 03,2021

Airsupply:One of the world's top 10 major international airlines

Air freight services by civil aviation aircraft (including passenger and cargo aircraft) must follow a prescribed route. Such routes are called air lines of communication, or routes for short. In order to maintain the order of air traffic and ensure flight safety, the route strictly stipulates the specific direction of the flight, the stopover location, the width of the route, and the height of the flight.


The routes are mainly divided into domestic routes and international routes. The take-off, stopover (if any), landing, and air route are all domestic routes, which are domestic routes; those that exceed the borders of the country and reach other countries (regions) are international routes.


One of the world's top ten international routes:


1. Far East ⇌ North Pacific routes in North America (including Far East ⇌ Arctic routes in the US East) mainly connect Hong Kong (HKG), Guangzhou (CAN), Shanghai (PVG&SHA), Beijing (PEK), Taipei (TPE), Tokyo in the Far East ( NRT), Seoul (SEL), Incheon (ICN)...


Air freight services


2. Via the North Pacific to Vancouver (YVR), Seattle (SEA), San Francisco (SFO), Los Angeles (LAX) on the west coast of North America...


It can also be extended to New York (JFK&EWR), Chicago (ORD), Montreal (YMQ), Toronto (YYZ), etc. in central and eastern North America. Honolulu (HNL) in Hawaii in the central Pacific Ocean is the main relay gas station for the route.


Note: The Far East to the west coast of North America such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver are all flying across the North Pacific, but the Far East to the east coast of North America such as New York, Detroit, Toronto, Montreal, etc. may fly on the Arctic route.


If someone says that a direct flight from Beijing to New York, after taking off from Beijing, it does not fly eastward (over the vast Pacific Ocean) as most people imagine, but flies northeastward-passing through Russia, flying over the Arctic Ocean and the Arctic Circle. , Then fly over Canada, and finally reach New York (this is the Arctic route). Would you be surprised?