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Sep 09,2021

Airsupplycn:Starting today, DSV Panalpina becomes DSV

From today, DSV Panalpina A/S is renamed DSV A/S. The shareholders of DSV A/S approved the decision to resume the original name of Ocean Freight Services and the air freight services of global transportation at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on Wednesday, September 8.


Since 2019, DSV Panalpina A/S has been the name of the parent company of the global transportation and logistics company, but from today, the company’s shareholders have approved the name change proposal of the board of directors to restore the original name of the parent company-DSV A /S.


Earlier today, DSV made this decision at a special shareholders meeting held at its headquarters in Hedhusen near Copenhagen, Denmark.


Ocean Freight Services


With the acquisition of Agility’s global integrated logistics business (GIL) for 30 billion Danish kroner (completed on August 16, 2021), DSV will experience the most significant business change since the acquisition of Panalpina in 2019. With this change, the time is ripe to change the name of the parent company back to DSV A/S and ensure brand consistency across all markets and operations.


Incorporate ESG into performance goals

At the extraordinary general meeting, shareholders also passed a proposal by the board of directors to modify the company's remuneration policy, including environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards for granting stock options to the executive board.


Thomas Plenborg, chairman of the board of directors, pointed out at the meeting that this change in compensation policy clearly reflects DSV's desire to pay more attention to sustainability and ESG.