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Sep 13,2021

Notice! Starting at midnight today, more than 80% of flights at Shanghai’s two major airports have been reduced to all cancellations

Shanghai Airport Group said that due to the impact of Typhoon Sundo, the traffic capacity of Shanghai Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport will drop significantly from 0:00 today (13th), and more than 80% of inbound and outbound flights will be reduced and cancelled. After 11:00, all inbound and outbound flights at Pudong Airport will be cancelled; after 15:00, all inbound and outbound flights at Hongqiao Airport will be cancelled.


Passengers are requested to check the service hotline, official website, APP, etc. of their airline or airport in time, and make reasonable arrangements for travel. Shanghai Airport will promptly announce the adjustment of the two flights to the public based on the impact of the typhoon.


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