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Sep 14,2021

One cabin is hard to find: the air freight rate has soared, directly doubling it several times!

Since the epidemic, international logistics has been affected multiple times. Recently, air freight has once again fluctuated. Shanghai Pudong International Airport is the largest international air cargo port in my country, with cargo volume accounting for more than 50% of the country. What is the current situation of Air freight services airport capacity and freight rates?


Shanghai: Backlog of cargo in airport warehouses, freight rates hit a record high over the same period


A logistics storage area close to Shanghai Pudong International Airport, with a warehouse area of ​​15,000 square meters, is currently full of goods, waiting for export, and stacked on the outer edge of the warehouse. According to the staff, this state of liquidation has continued from mid-August to the present. To


The person in charge told reporters that the current self-owned warehouses are not enough, and some temporary warehouses have been rented. In addition, recently nearly half of the cargo has been transferred to other domestic airports, making it very difficult for cargo owners to book space. Ms. Cao is a booking specialist for a freight forwarding company in Shanghai. She called the airline and wanted to book a space for US routes. She wanted 12 tons of space on weekends. The other party said that half of it could not be guaranteed, but only one third. .


Air freight services


In addition to tight space, air freight rates have also risen sharply. The reporter learned that according to the size of the customer's cargo volume and cooperation mode, the freight forwarding companies offer different freight rates to downstream cargo owners. From the data of various freight forwarders, the freight rates of various routes have generally risen recently, and some have doubled. Even several times.


Airport loading and unloading turnover rate decreased, many airlines reduced flights


Since a confirmed case of the new crown at Shanghai Pudong Airport in mid-to-late August, the airport's international passenger and passenger-to-cargo flights were once suspended, and the capacity has been drastically reduced.


On August 20, Pudong Airport notified the confirmed cases. At present, the airport implements a centralized closed-loop system and rotates on duty, resulting in a reduction in front-line staff and a reduction in airport loading and unloading turnover rates, which further aggravates the shortage of capacity. According to industry estimates, the number of international cargo flights at Pudong Airport has recently decreased by more than 30%.


Analysts said that although the epidemic has been effectively controlled, airport prevention and control policies may continue to be strict. In addition, October is about to enter the peak season for electronic product shipments, and the shortage of capacity and high Air freight services may continue.