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Sep 15,2021

Boeing releases 2021 civil aviation market forecast CMO

On September 14, 2021, Boeing released the 2021 version of the Civil Aviation Market Forecast. The report pointed out that the global market is basically recovering in accordance with the company's 2020 expectations. The recovery of domestic air travel business and Air freight services and other related business needs is leading this trend. It is expected that the inter-regional market will recover with the relaxation of health and travel restrictions. Eventually, long-distance international travel will return to pre-epidemic levels in 2023-2024. .


According to the latest "Civil Aviation Market Forecast", the world will need 19,000 civilian aircraft worth US$3.2 trillion in the next 10 years; the 20-year demand by 2040 will be more than 43,500 new aircraft worth US$7.2 trillion. The annual forecast value increases by about 500 aircraft.

All-cargo aircraft is a significant growth area, and forecasts for both original freighters and modified freighters have increased compared with the previous year. Thanks to the growth of e-commerce and the speed and reliability of Air freight services, the sustainable demand for air freight will increase the global freighter fleet by 70% by 2040 compared to the pre-epidemic scale.


Air freight services


Stan Deal, President and CEO of Boeing Civil Aircraft Group, said: “The aerospace industry has made significant progress in the recovery process, and Boeing’s 2021 forecast shows our confidence in the resilience of the market. We Remain optimistic about the current challenges. The past year has shown a rapid rebound in passenger flow. At the same time, the flying public and the government have shown confidence in the health and safety of air travel. Our industry continues to play an important role in the transportation of passengers and critical cargo. effect."


Boeing: The world needs more than 43,500 new civilian aircraft in the next 20 years


Highlights of the "Current Market Outlook" for the next 20 years include:


• The average annual passenger flow growth is expected to be 4%, which is consistent with last year's forecast.


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• The global civil aviation Air freight services fleet will exceed 49,000 by 2040. China, Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region will each account for 20% of new aircraft deliveries, and the remaining 20% ​​will be attributed to emerging markets.


• The demand for new single-aisle aircraft is more than 32,500, which is about the same as the forecast before the epidemic, accounting for 75% of the forecast for the next 20 years.


• The civil aviation industry will need more than 7,500 new wide-body aircraft by 2040 to meet fleet renewal and long-term long-range passenger and cargo market demand growth. These demands increased slightly from the previous year, but decreased by 8% from 2019