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Sep 17,2021

Airsupply:Egypt started ACI system in October

Since October 1st, Egypt has officially launched the cargo pre-registration system, and cargo related to Ocean freight services that does not pass the system will not be able to enter Egyptian ports. ACI Cargo Pre-registration System


(Advance Cargo Information) is a new customs procedure that requires cargo data or documents to be provided at least 48 hours before overseas cargo is shipped from the exporting country. The Egyptian side stated that this system aims to reduce security risks and ensure the safety of Egyptian citizens.


The ACID number is a 19-digit number that appears on all documents related to the shipment (including invoices, bills of lading, manifests, etc.). If the ACID number cannot be provided, the goods will be forcibly returned to the port of shipment and a fine will be imposed! Chinese merchants exporting to Egypt need to complete registration and certification on the CargoX website. When shipping, exporters need to prepare shipment data and documents (invoices or bills of lading) and send them on the CargoX transmission platform.


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