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Sep 24,2021

Under the epidemic, the air cargo industry grows against the trend

For a long time, my country's aviation Air freight services fleet is relatively small, and the contribution of cargo aircraft is only about one-third, and most of them rely on the belly compartment of passenger aircraft to complete cargo transportation. The United States, on the contrary, accounts for nearly 90% of its air cargo aircraft, which has created a well-developed and mature air cargo system.


In this regard, many scholars pointedly pointed out that only by realizing the separation of characters and the separation of passenger and cargo can a real air cargo network and air cargo hub be formed, and a real three-dimensional aviation logistics system and advantages can be formed.


Air freight services


The sudden attack of the new crown epidemic in 2020 has caused a huge impact on the air cargo industry that relies on the belly compartment of passenger planes. However, under the predicament of large-scale suspensions, rising ocean freight rates, and hard-to-find containers, my country’s air cargo industry has bucked the trend and recovered strongly. Major airports, airlines and logistics companies have actively cooperated to integrate and innovate, including 18 airlines have converted 332 passenger aircraft into passenger-to-cargo business, realizing a major change in the airport from "heavy passenger and light cargo" to "passenger-to-cargo", and now that airlines launch multiple all-cargo routes every month , Has promoted my country's air cargo industry to a new level.


With the continuous upgrading and development of China’s manufacturing industry, China’s import and export trade has become more frequent, coupled with the rise of the global housing economy and overseas shopping, cross-border e-commerce has exploded in the past two years, and international business exchanges It will certainly stimulate the market demand for air cargo. The volume of Chinese foreign trade companies is very large, and there are not a few companies engaged in fresh food such as fruits and flowers. These goods with extremely high cold chain requirements are most suitable for fast-time air transportation.


In addition to international cold chain fresh food, demand for cold chain transportation of anti-epidemic materials, new crown vaccines, and medical and health products is also rising this year. In the post-epidemic era, e-commerce, epidemic prevention materials and medical products, temperature-controlled vaccines and perishable food delivery will all become new growth points for Air freight services logistics.