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Sep 27,2021

The air cargo industry will face unprecedented challenges in the fourth quarter

The International Air Freight Services Association predicts that the global air freight industry will face unprecedented challenges in the fourth quarter of this year.


A few days ago, the International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) stated that since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the air cargo industry has endured 18 months of pressure and challenges, and continues to face the challenges of medical protective equipment, e-commerce, new crown vaccines, and time-sensitive cargo. Very high demand.
Due to the shortage of air cargo capacity, strict implementation of the quarantine policy after the crew landing, coupled with the congestion of sea ports and rising costs, more carriers are turning to air transportation. The pressure on the global air cargo industry will be during the shopping season throughout the year, that is, A substantial increase in the forthcoming fourth quarter.

As countries around the world, especially China, implement more and more stringent quarantine policies for driver crews and airport ground staff, TIACA urges air cargo companies, freight forwarders and carriers around the world to take corresponding measures in a timely manner to prepare for the upcoming Be prepared for the peak online shopping season.


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According to data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), 45% of international air cargo volume is completed by the belly cabin of passenger planes. Affected by the new crown epidemic, the number of passenger flights around the world has dropped sharply, resulting in a significant shortage of belly cabin capacity, and global air cargo capacity will be reduced. Continue to decline sharply. At the same time, according to the survey, in order to meet the demand for passenger transportation, some countries and regions with strong passenger transportation market will allocate cargo aircraft to passenger transportation.

These conditions will bring further challenges to the global freight network currently operating at an unprecedented level of efficiency, utilization and optimization.

TIACA Chairman Steven Polmans said: "In the past 18 months, air cargo has played a vital role in the global supply chain. In the fourth quarter of a surge in demand, we must now start planning. Air capacity, cargo Insufficiencies in station capacity, terminal delivery, and personnel planning will cause us to face great challenges."

"In the past 18 months, the global Air freight services industry has demonstrated unprecedented innovation, flexibility and agility. We should be proud of this. Now, as customer expectations grow, we must proactively respond to the upcoming New challenges are coming," Polmans said.