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Sep 27,2021

Shanghai will open China-Europe train

Shanghai will open a China-Europe train. The Jiefang Daily·Shangguan News reporter learned from Shanghai Customs that the first train of the “Shanghai” China-Europe Express will depart from Shanghai on September 28, leaving the country at Alashankou, passing through Poland, and finally arriving in Hamburg, Germany. International trade shipping and Air freight services companies that suffer from tight shipping capacity and soaring prices have added a new logistics option.


The "Shanghai" China-Europe train is collected by Shanghai Oriental Silk Road Multimodal Transport Co., Ltd., a platform company under Orient International Group. The first train will be fully loaded with 50 40-foot containers. The source of goods will come from more than ten foreign trade companies, including clothing and shoes. Hats, glassware, auto parts, precision instruments, etc., went through two rail changes at the Alashankou and Malašević ports in Poland, and arrived at the terminal in Hamburg, which took only 12 to 13 days. At the beginning of the operation of the train, it is planned to open one train every week.


Air freight services


Previously, most of these export goods were exported by sea, and some precision instruments had to be transported by air. Taking the European shipping route as an example, the current freight rate of a 20-foot container has skyrocketed from approximately US$5,000 before the epidemic to US$17,000. Time-consuming is also full of variables. For example, the shipping time for the South American route has been extended from the past 35 days to 55 days, and companies have to wait at least two months for booking. In contrast, the timeliness and price advantages of China-Europe Express are prominent. According to the company's introduction, a 40-foot container on the "Shanghai" China-Europe Express has a freight rate of approximately US$11,000.


In addition, the China-Europe Express "Shanghai" is also working hard to break the problem and use return trains to drive imports, especially to promote the import of high-value commodities such as red wine, luxury goods, and high-end equipment through cross-border railroads. For example, a large amount of high-quality milk in Europe does not need to be refrigerated when it is sealed and packaged, and the shelf life is 35 to 40 days. But if you take the China-Europe Railway,

The whole process only takes two weeks, which can ensure that the milk has ample shelf life. It is reported that the first "Shanghai" train is likely to become the "Bottle Train" when it returns. It is expected to depart from Hamburg in October, carrying exhibits such as German audio, large-scale sanitation vehicle locator, nuclear magnetic resonance instrument supporting equipment and other exhibits. Hurry to the 4th CIIE.