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Nov 03,2021

Major shipping companies issue urgent notices! Star Shipping has set up an emergency pick-up team!

According to Gene Seroka, executive director of the Port of Los Angeles, starting from November 1, the port will monitor the length of time that Ocean freight services imported containers stay at the terminal on a daily basis. If significant progress is made in the terminal cleanup before November 15, it will be determined at its discretion. Postpone the charging start time until after November 15th.


The terminal will start charging for overdue containers, the charging standard is 100 US dollars per container, and each container will increase by 100 US dollars every day overtime! For example, if you exceed the deadline, you will receive 100 on the first day; 200 on the second day, 300 on the third day... and so on.


Accumulated charges for 30 days overdue will reach US$46,500

90 days overdue will accumulate to $409,500


Since the fee is charged directly to the carrier, major shipping companies including Star, HMM, COSCO Shipping, Maersk, ONE and other major shipping companies have issued announcements to respond.


The following implementation rules are based on the latest official interpretations released by Maersk, the world's largest container shipping company, and can be a good reference for the majority of foreign trade, export and freight forwarding logistics companies:


Ocean freight services


1. When will the fee take effect?
The fee plan will take effect on November 1, but specific penalties will be introduced after evaluation on November 15. The two-week grace period is to allow cargo owners to have proper time to clean up the docks. If substantial progress is made, the Port Executive Director may further extend the effective cost assessment date as appropriate.


2. Does it affect the containers already at the terminal (retrospective fee), or only the containers unloaded on or after November 1st?
As far as we know, starting from November 15th, all containers at the terminal will be charged retroactively.


3. How to evaluate the cost?
All containers that are stored for 9 days or more by truck transportation, or containers that are stored for 6 days or more by rail transportation, must pay the relevant fees. The 9th day and the 6th day are the first charging days.


4. What is the fee structure?
The fee for the first day is $100, the second day is $200, the third day is $300, and so on.


Ocean freight services


5. Does the charging period apply to working days or calendar days?
The surcharge will be based on calendar days, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.


6. How will the expenses incurred due to railway delays be handled?
We are still working with the terminal to clarify this, but as far as we know, fees will still be charged.


7. Will there be any additional detention fees due to congestion at the inland railway connection points?
We are still working with the terminal to clarify this, but as far as we know, fees will still be charged.


8. Will there be a cap on the charges for Ocean freight services? Or will the charges continue while the containers are staying on the container terminal/railway?
Charges will be accumulated on a daily basis, and there is no maximum limit