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May 11,2022

Burning Lithium Batteries Found in an Export Container at Shanghai's Outer Port

According to Shanghai Customs, a few days ago, the Outer Harbor Customs received feedback from the maritime department that the lithium batteries seized in a batch of export goods belonged to 9 types of dangerous goods, UN number UN3480, totaling 105 kilograms.

A few days ago, the Second Inspection Section of Outer Port Customs was conducting inspections on a batch of export containers. There were 2 declarations of goods in the containers, namely toys, hot water bottles, socks, and other 25 product names, totaling 9,625 kilograms.

The inspector also found that there were 5 undeclared cartons in the container, one of the cartons had a fever, and there was a slight blackening and scorching trace on the outer wall. The carton was then taken out of the container and left to stand for 2 minutes. After cooling, the above five cartons were opened and found to contain a total of 105 kilograms of undeclared lithium batteries.
According to the inspection requirements of dangerous goods and the joint prevention and control mechanism, the Outer Harbor Customs immediately notified the port area safety supervision department to transfer the containers and the contained goods to the isolation area for separate storage, and at the same time issued the Joint Prevention and Control Support Report to the maritime department. At present, the above-mentioned goods have been transferred to the comprehensive department for follow-up disposal. The Outer Harbour Customs has always strengthened the supervision of workplaces and dangerous goods by sea and insisted on preventing and resolving major safety risks from the source.

It is understood that there are two reasons for the explosion of lead-acid batteries. One is physical: the internal pressure of the battery is too large, causing the battery shell to explode; the other is chemical, the hydrogen electrolyzed in the battery hits the outside An open flame was lit. Therefore, if you want to transport such items, you must declare them truthfully, and do not hide them by chance. Once an accident occurs, the consequences will be disastrous.

Concealment/missing/misreporting! Shipping company fined $30,000
A few days ago, HMM issued a notice on strengthening the management of concealment/missing/misreporting of goods, and relevant regulations have been implemented for concealment, omission, and misreporting in applications for dangerous goods: Shanghai, Ningbo, Tianjin, Qingdao, Dalian, Nanjing Branch booking, if there is any misstatement, concealment or omission of dangerous goods for export to the world, the relevant customer must pay a penalty of 30,000USD/per natural box, and will also be liable for misstatement, concealment, and omission. All losses and expenses arising from the report shall be claimed by the relevant responsible party.


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