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May 10,2022

China Southern Airlines Resumes Freighter Operations in Shanghai to Help Shanghai Enterprises Resume Work and Production

Civil Aviation Resource Network News on May 5, 2022: At 7 am on May 4, China Southern Airlines flight CZ451, which was loaded with nearly 90 tons of cargo, successfully set sail from Pudong Airport to Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. This is the resumption of the freighter operation of China Southern Airlines in Shanghai's first flight.

freight logistics

Since May, the epidemic prevention and control situation in Shanghai has gradually stabilized, and the government has actively promoted the resumption of work and production of related enterprises in the supply chain and industrial chain. China Southern Logistics strictly implements the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, plays a role as a bridge to stabilize the industrial chain and supply chain, assists "whitelist" enterprises to resume work and production, and further implements the work of ensuring smooth and smooth freight logistics.

Coordinate epidemic prevention and control and on-site support to ensure smooth resumption of flights
Epidemic prevention and control is the first pass for the resumption of work and production. China Southern Airlines Logistics adheres to the "people, material and environment" prevention, improves closed-loop management measures, conducts daily epidemic prevention and control related training, and implements supervision and inspection mechanisms to firmly guard against epidemic prevention and control. Control the bottom line. While strictly implementing the epidemic prevention and control measures, the on-site, marketing, operation, crew, and other parties worked together to ensure that the first return flight out of Hong Kong took off on time.

freight logistics

Actively coordinate the deployment of transportation capacity to help enterprises that resume work restart
China Southern Airlines actively researches and judges market trends, evaluates the key points and difficulties of closed-loop support under epidemic prevention and control, and urgently allocates 2 freighter flights to Shanghai, focusing on the restoration of European and American freighter routes such as Pudong to Amsterdam and Pudong to Los Angeles, to help enterprises that have resumed work. The shortage of transportation capacity has helped to smooth the air passage in the Yangtze River Delta.

Actively responsible for marketing and efficient organization of flight supply
Combined with the "white list" of the first and second batch of key enterprises in the "Guidelines for the Resumption of Work and Production in Shanghai's Industrial Enterprises' Epidemic Prevention and Control" issued by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, China Southern Airlines has optimized flight schedules and capacity scheduling, coordinated crew resources, and focused on supporting The transportation pain points of biomedicine, auto parts, electronic communication, equipment manufacturing, and other enterprises will solve the logistics blocking points and ensure the smooth supply chain and industrial chain. After receiving the news of the return of the flight, the marketing team immediately notified the customer of the recovery of the capacity and actively organized the supply of goods. On May 4, China Southern's first freighter flight in Shanghai took off with a full load of nearly 90 tons of cargo, mainly electronic products, e-commerce express, machinery, and equipment.

In the future, China Southern Airlines will continue to pay attention to the capacity deployment plan, follow up on the progress of resumption of work and production of enterprises, and while implementing closed-loop production work under epidemic prevention and control, it will continue to promote the smooth flow of air transportation, ensure the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain, and facilitate the orderly resumption of work in Shanghai. Resumption of production provides strong support.