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Aug 20,2022

How long does it take to ship from China to the US port?

Shipping from China to the United States mainly includes FCL shipping and LCL shipping. The shipping company is responsible for transporting the containers from the port of departure to the shipping destination terminal, and then according to the instructions of the booking power of attorney, all FCL shipping The goods are handed over to stevedores into containers and then transported by car to their destination.


Shipping from China to the United States


How long does it take to ship from China to a US port? Mainly depends on where the goods are sent. Shipping to U.S. ports: Main U.S. inland ports, U.S. outer seaports, and U.S. inland ports. If it is a domestic dry port, the time limit is much shorter, about 7-10 working days to arrive at the port, but it needs to do import declaration and customs clearance at the destination port; generally, it takes 10-14 days for the offshore ports of the United States.


On the other hand, pay attention to the customs clearance time. Both inland ports and offshore ports in the United States are under the direct jurisdiction of the U.S. Customs, so customs clearance is also done by the U.S. Customs, so the requirements for customs clearance capabilities are relatively high.


If the U.S. bulk cargo is shipped by LCL, the aging time will be much faster, generally, 3-4 working days to arrive at the port. The customs clearance of the US inland port or the US outer seaport can generally only be entrusted to the freight forwarding company to operate.


In the case of American ports, there is generally no need to do customs clearance, just pick up the box and go. Therefore, it is very important to choose a professional, strong and reputable Chinese shipping agency. Air supply International Logistics Group Limited has its own U.S. shipping agency network, which can help the goods to clear customs more smoothly.