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Apr 28,2022

How to export and transport electric toys?

Have you ever exported electric toys with batteries? Electric toys are very dangerous because they contain batteries. When exporting and transporting electric toys, you need to pay attention to many details, especially you must not forget to declare.


Recently, Shantou Port Customs, a subsidiary of China's Shantou Customs, found 10 boxes of undeclared lead-acid batteries (containing acid) when inspecting one export of goods declared as electric toys.


Lead-acid batteries (acid-containing) belong to the eighth category of dangerous goods, and their packaging and containers should be certified by customs before they can be exported. Since Shantou International Container Terminal does not have the qualification for importing and exporting dangerous goods, the parties have not applied to the customs for the identification of the packaging of dangerous goods for export as required. Shantou Port Customs immediately supervised the withdrawal of the batch of dangerous goods from the supervision workplace and notified the relevant information to the competent industry authorities of Shantou International Container Terminal. At present, the customs has launched an investigation into the above situation.


How to export and transport electric toys?


Customs officers inspect the goods involved
Customs reminder: According to relevant laws and regulations, enterprises can only import and export dangerous goods in ports that have the qualifications for importing and exporting dangerous goods. Dangerous goods using unidentified or unqualified packaging containers are not allowed to be exported.


It is understood that there are two reasons for the explosion of lead-acid batteries. One is physical: the internal pressure of the battery is too large, causing the battery shell to explode; the other is chemical, the hydrogen electrolyzed in the battery hits the outside An open flame was lit. Therefore, if you want to transport such items, you must declare them truthfully, and do not hide them by chance. Once an accident occurs, the consequences will be disastrous.


Hanxin Shipping issued a notice on April 15 on strengthening the management of cargo concealment/missing/misreporting, emphasizing the declaration again.


Since January 1, 2021 (shipping date), Hanxin Shipping has implemented relevant regulations for concealment, omission, and misreporting in the application of dangerous goods: in Shanghai, Ningbo, Tianjin, Qingdao, Dalian, Nanjing branch booking, if the goods exported to the world are misreported, concealed or missed, the relevant customers must pay a penalty of 30,000USD/per natural box, and Hanxin Shipping will also pay for the misreporting, all losses and expenses arising from concealment and omission of reporting shall be claimed to the relevant responsible party.


However, the misdeclaration of goods still occurs at present. In order to further standardize the booking of cargo names and the preparation of bills of lading, Hanxin Shipping once again reminds the following:


The shipper must ensure that the booking information is complete and accurate, including the name of the goods, the weight of the piece, and the properties of the goods. If the carrier suspects that the shipper has concealed the report, it can open the box for inspection, and the carrier is not responsible for any damage to the goods or delayed delivery caused by the inspection.


If the customs or the carrier has verified that the name, weight, and properties of the goods consigned by the shipper are inconsistent with the declaration, the shipper must bear the corresponding liquidated damages and all losses and expenses caused by misstatement, concealment, and omission.


The penalty fee schedule is as follows:
1) This rate is also applicable to concealment, false reporting, and omission of ecologically prohibited products;
2) Waste goods refer to goods used for disposal or recycling, and the product name usually contains the words scrap/waste/spent/recycling/used/old/expired/defective/for Disposal recovery/ regeneration cargo;
3) For the sanction list of various governments, if the consignor has misdeclared or false declaration, each container will charge the shipper a penalty of 30,000 US dollars as liquidated damages.


The sanctions list includes:
a. OFAC Sanctions List of the U.S. Government, including SDN (Specially Designated Nationals) and Blocked Persons List;
b. List of government sanctions by country.


Therefore, starting from May 15, 2022 (shipment day), in the case of cargo misdeclaration, concealment, and In case of omissions, the relevant customers must pay the corresponding liquidated damages according to the actual situation.


We hope to abide by the above regulations and declare the property and product name of the goods in a timely and correct manner. For liquidated damages arising from failure to declare goods in accordance with the above requirements, Hanxin Shipping will not reduce or exempt them.