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Aug 03,2022

International freight forwarding companies registration requirements?

International freight forwarding companies refer to a legal person enterprise that accepts the entrustment of the consignee and consignor of import and export goods, handles international cargo transportation and related business for the client in the name of the client or in its own name, and receives service remuneration. So the registration requirements for international freight forwarding companies? Introduction to international freight forwarding companies.


International freight forwarding companies


According to Article 8 of the Regulations on the Administration of the International Freight Forwarding Agency of the People's Republic of China, the minimum registered capital of an international freight forwarding agency shall meet the following requirements:


1. The minimum registered capital is RMB 5 million for the agency business of international freight forwarding by sea;


2. The minimum registered capital is RMB 3 million for those who operate international air cargo transportation agency business;


3. The minimum registered capital shall be RMB 2 million for those engaged in land-based international freight forwarding business or international express delivery business. For the operation of two or more of these businesses, the registered capital shall be subject to the higher one. However, at present, the registered capital of companies with xx international freight forwarders as the title is generally 5 million yuan. For specific matters, you can also consult the local regulatory department before registration.


Secondly, the conditions required to establish an international freight forwarding company


To set up an international freight forwarding company, the conditions that need to be met are professionals who are suitable for the international freight forwarding business it is engaged in; a fixed business place and necessary business facilities; and a stable import and export supply market; Registered capital, articles of association and business scope, etc.


Regarding the scope of business, let me tell you a little about it because international freight forwarding companies involve a wide range of businesses, including customs clearance, booking, air transportation, sea transportation, multimodal transportation, packaging, warehousing, domestic logistics, and other businesses. Therefore, when filling in the business scope, the company's business scope can be filled in as cargo canvassing, booking (including chartering, chartering, and chartering), consignment, warehousing, and packaging; supervision of loading, unloading, container loading, and unloading, and distribution, transit and related short-distance transportation services; and international freight forwarding business, etc.


Air Supply International Logistics


International Freight Forwarding Company Profile

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