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Jun 08,2022

Lithium Battery Air Transport Precautions

Lithium Battery includes Lithium-ion battery and Lithium metal battery. The precautions for transporting non-dangerous goods (Not Restricted) are as follows:

 Lithium battery by air

1. Packaging Requirements

According to the actual cargo name of the delivered lithium battery, refer to Part 1 (PI965, 966, 967, 968, 969, and 970) of the IATA DGR 50 version of the corresponding packing instructions for transporting lithium batteries. Requirements for battery shipments.


2. Filling out the waybill

Filling out the waybill must contain the following contents. If the blank space of the waybill cannot accommodate the following contents, a document description can be attached, but the words "Document as per attached" must be marked on the waybill. In addition to this, the content mentioned in 2.1 below must be displayed on the waybill in any case.

2.1 Indicate that the package contains one of the following lithium batteries (regardless of lithium-ion batteries or lithium metal batteries) and is non-dangerous goods. E.g:
Lithium-ion batteries or cells, NOT RESTRICTED as per PI 9xx Part1; or
Lithium metal batteries or cells, NOT RESTRICTED as per PI 9xx Part1; or
Lithium-ion and metal batteries or cells, NOT RESTRICTED as per PI 9xx Part1

2.2 It is indicated that the lithium battery must be handled with care, if the package is damaged, there is a flammable danger. E.g:
The package must be handled with care and a flammability hazard exists, if the package is damaged.

2.3 Indicate the special procedures to be followed in the event of package damage, including necessary inspection and repackaging of the goods. E.g:
Do not Damage or mishandle this package. If a package is damaged, batteries must be protected so as to prevent short circuits.

2.4 Indicate the emergency contact number. E.g:
Contact TEL Number: 0086-10-6459- XXXX or 001-800-735 - XXXX

Lithium battery air transportation

3. Packaging requirements for lithium batteries (marking and labeling operations)

3.1 Each package must bear a lithium battery handling label (see DGR7.4.8 Figure 7.4.I). This label must be purchased by the shipper or freight forwarder
Paste the line, and follow the label prompt to indicate the detailed contact number (including the country and area code) and the corresponding lithium battery "Lithium-ion battery" or "Lithium metal battery".

3.2 The lithium battery operation label cannot be folded or the same label appears on two different sides of the package during use.

3.3 For the transportation of lithium batteries installed in equipment, when there are no more than 4 battery cells or 2 batteries in a single package, the lithium battery operation label may not be attached to the package.

3.4 For an overpack containing one or more lithium battery packages, the lithium battery handling label shall be affixed unless all labels within the overpack are clearly visible. At the same time, the word "Overpack" should be marked on the outside of the overpack.


Dangerous goods icon by air

4 Non-dangerous goods identification certificate

4.1 For each shipment of lithium batteries, the owner or freight forwarder shall provide a non-dangerous goods identification certificate issued by the relevant dangerous goods identification agency.

About lithium battery (Lithium Battery), including lithium-ion battery (Lithium ion battery) and lithium metal battery (Lithium metal battery), when transported as dangerous goods Please refer to the relevant chapters of DGR and Part 2 (PI965, 966, 967, 968, 969, and 970) of the corresponding Packing Instructions for transporting lithium batteries.