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Apr 15,2022

Notice of the Ministry of Communications: Do not arbitrarily reduce the number of calls at Shanghai Port

At present, due to the impact of the epidemic in Shanghai Port, many shipping companies have begun to cancel the call at Shanghai Port and will transfer dangerous goods and reefer containers to other ports for unloading. (Check the article: Maersk, ONE, Yixing, etc. began to cancel the call at Shanghai Port! The impact of the closure control is becoming more and more serious! UPS fuel surcharges continue to rise...)


On the 12th, the Ministry of Transport issued a notice on effectively strengthening the work of ensuring the smooth flow of waterway transportation. The notice stated that it will go all out to ensure the smooth operation of Shanghai Port.


international shipping services


The Shanghai Municipal Commission of Communications and Shanghai International Port Group should coordinate with international liner companies to ensure the investment of routes, flights, and space at Shanghai Port, and should not arbitrarily reduce the number of calls at Shanghai Port. Make every effort to ensure the smooth operation of Shanghai Port.
Under the leadership of the local government, together with local commerce and other departments, urge shippers and freight forwarders to pick up and leave local container cargoes from the port as soon as possible; sort out information on refrigerated container cargoes involving Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and other surrounding provinces in a timely manner, and strengthen communication with relevant provincial transportation supervisors For the active docking of the department, it, together with the local commerce and other departments, urges the relevant cargo owner enterprises to lift the

refrigerated container goods leaving the Shanghai port as soon as possible, and relieve the yard refrigerated containers as soon as possible, and achieve rapid results.

The port enterprises in the three provinces and one city in the Yangtze River Delta should dynamically publish information such as the number of reefer containers in the port yard and the data of reefer container plugs on the Internet, and coordinate with the yard outside the port to further improve the storage capacity of reefer containers; coordinate with container liner companies to reasonably arrange reefer containers Port loading and unloading plan. Conscientiously implement the urgent notification requirements for the guarantee of collection, distribution, and transportation in Shanghai Port, and make good use of the electronic pass for trucks to ensure the smooth entry and exit of trucks.


Strengthen the capacity guarantee of major foreign trade routes

Strengthen the operation monitoring of the international container shipping market, guide major liner companies to optimize the delivery of shipping capacity, and ensure the shipping capacity of my country's major foreign trade container shipping routes;

Increase the amount of space available for online booking in the spot market to serve the booking needs of small and medium-sized export enterprises.


Strengthen international shipping services

Liner companies and port companies should strengthen communication and connection with internal feeder transportation companies, cargo owners, freight forwarders, truck fleets, etc., and actively promote online service processing and the electronic circulation of documents such as port operation documents, bills of lading, and ocean bills of lading.

In key regions such as the Yangtze River Delta, the policy of self-introduction and self-reliance of Hong Kong-registered foreign trade container ships should be implemented in accordance with the requirements of relevant documents of the Ministry. Enrich the strength of pilots, focus on improving port service efficiency, and ensure the safety of international ship navigation and berthing and berthing operations.