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Apr 07,2022

Shanghai Pudong Airport fully guarantees the smooth operation of air logistics

Since the new round of dicing and grid nucleic acid screening was carried out in Shanghai on March 28, Shanghai Airport Group immediately deployed epidemic prevention and control and production and operation response measures and issued an "Assembly Order" for work preparation on the evening of the 27th. The joint inspection units, airports, airlines, freight forwarders, and other parties in the cargo area of ​​Pudong Airport cooperated in concert, and party members, cadres, and production and business backbones responded and assembled rapidly.


Before 5 a.m. on the 28th, the cargo area of ​​Pudong Airport recalled a total of more than 7,400 production operations and backup personnel overnight to close the operation. In order to prevent the influx of the epidemic in the residential community, the freight area strictly implements fully closed control and static management, nucleic acid screening for all staff is conducted once a day, and logistic services such as food and lodging are all guaranteed in the area. According to the operation characteristics of cargo shifts, during the closure and control screening in Puxi from April 1 to 5, the cargo area of ​​Pudong Airport insisted on minimizing the flow of people, continuously ensuring 24-hour backup operations, showing special responsibilities during special periods, and fully investing in epidemic prevention. Keep it safe.


Shanghai Pudong Airport fully guarantees the smooth operation of air logistics


The document team at the Pudong Airport Cargo Station works day and night, relying on the "Tianyuntong" system to process documents in a non-contact manner, and speed up the processing of urgent and special items. On March 30, a total of 3 hazardous chemicals with a total weight of 5.8 tons arrived at the cargo terminal of Pudong Airport. These are the chemical raw materials that are urgently needed for the production of enterprises. After learning of this situation, the document team processed the electronic waybill overnight, accelerated the document process and customs clearance, and stepped up parallel processing with the on-site loading and unloading colleagues to properly collect and transport the dangerous chemicals according to the procedures for the collection and transportation of dangerous chemicals, so that the owner can pick up the goods as quickly as possible.


At the most difficult and critical stage of the epidemic, Shanghai Airport Group actively responded to the call of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government and issued proposals to party organizations at all levels, all party members and cadres, and workers. To win the tough battle of epidemic prevention and control, the freight community has responded. First, the party organizations and party members of all units in the freight community have resolutely fulfilled their political responsibility for epidemic prevention and control with firm belief and strong actions. The second is that party members and leading cadres take the initiative to play the "head goose" effect, command the front, lead the shift on duty, pay close attention to implementation, and lead the majority of party members to charge on the front line. The party organization has taken the lead in carrying out material reserves, psychological counseling, and humanistic care, which has brought together the joint efforts of the community. The third is to help each other to overcome difficulties together. The Cargo Division of Shanghai Airport Group is actively coordinating and solving logistics support problems such as meal delivery, accommodation, transportation, and other logistics support issues for the operation backup personnel for international logistics integrators such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx, and provides transportation services for the front-line employees who continue to fight. Community care and condolences.