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Mar 31,2022

Some flights in Shanghai are canceled and goods are stranded in ports, and the price of air and sea logistics will rise

Released in Shanghai, China:

Starting from 5:00 on March 28, Shanghai will implement nucleic acid screening in batches with the Huangpu River as the boundary. In the first batch, Pudong, Punan, and adjacent areas will be sealed and controlled first, and nucleic acid screening will be carried out.


Unblocked at 5:00 on April 1. At the same time, key areas in the Puxi area continued to implement closure and control management. In the second batch, starting from 3:00 on April 1, according to the principle of pressing forward, the Puxi area will be closed and controlled, the nucleic acid screening will be carried out, and the closure will be lifted at 3:00 on April 5.


the price of air and sea logistics will rise


In the closed area, the operation of buses, subways, ferries, taxis, and online car-hailing is suspended. Vehicles related to epidemic prevention and control, emergency medical treatment, living security, urban operation, emergency response, etc. shall be approved and verified by the district government or the competent department of each industry, and the rest of the vehicles shall not be on the road unless necessary.

Impact on port and shipping logistics
From 5:00 on March 28, the facilities and operations of logistics companies in Pudong, Punan, and adjacent areas where the closure and control were implemented first have been announced to stop operations.


Many freight forwarders have issued notices that they will suspend the receipt of goods in warehouses until 5:00 on April 1, 2022, and some of the containers cannot be shipped and boarded due to the closure and control regulations.


After the implementation of the closure and control, there is not much impact on the operation of the Shanghai port terminal at present, but the truck operators will be affected. Although the blockade does not close the port, the efficiency of port operations and terminal operations will be affected. It is not easy for port workers and truck drivers to enter and leave the port due to the epidemic. This will lead to delays in timeliness, and it is expected that air and sea freight will also increase.



Some air freight forwarders said: Because of the closure and control, there may be temporary cancellation of flights, and we have to make further plans. In the next few days, goods may be exported from other cities, so those who have booked Shanghai flight positions also need to pay more attention to Shanghai. In terms of flights and ports, the direct impact of the domestic epidemic is to reduce transportation capacity, which will lead to the continued rise in logistics prices.


The outbreak of current round of the epidemic is expected to push up global shipping charter costs and prolong the transit time of goods. In addition, it is affected by the supply chain crisis and rising transportation costs.


Recently, shipping companies have increased fuel surcharges and soared transportation costs, so logistics prices are bound to rise! If you have a delivery plan, you must be in advance, and make an advance stocking plan.