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Aug 17,2021

The 122nd K4 charter from HKG TO LAX

DATE: 2021/08/16






Air freight services


China's 122nd K4 charter flight to LAX departed from Hong Kong at 10:30 AM today

At present, LAX, ORD and JFK are almost fully booked for this week. A small number of loose boxes can be accepted

If the goods have ETA requirements and reliable space is required, please book LAX /ORD /JFK /MIA/ MEX with us in advance.


Market airmail sharing:

1. Due to the implementation of the 7/7/7 closed loop management policy in Shanghai airport, there is a serious shortage of loading and unloading staff, and a large number of flights are cancelled, delayed, and even the original planes are returned on weekends. Therefore, the price of this week will not fall as expected, on the contrary, it is likely to rise this week. Europe was cancelled over the weekend, there were no flights on Tuesday, and all goods on weekend flights were postponed to Wednesday and Thursday. The new inquiry has been closed since Friday
Following the cancellation of many flights, Shanghai ground has stopped accepting bulk cargo for international flights. So the load is further reduced, the subsequent price will continue to rise, we will pay close attention to the dynamic with you. Please pay attention to the validity of your offer

3. The price of CA Us line in mainland China is the same this week as last week, but the aging time is slow. If the aging time is required, CA is not recommended.


Ocean freight services

4. This week, the air freight price from CZ to ORD in mainland China will remain the same as last week

5. The positions of K4, KD,GG and ORD will be better than last week, and the price will be slightly lower.

6. There will be a significant increase in the price of the Hong Kong Us line this week, and the first non-stop flight from CX/CV to JFK & ORD is next Thursday or Friday