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Jul 25,2022

Air Freight from Hong Kong to New York by K4 Charter

Date: 07/25/2022
POL:HKG (Hong Kong, China)
POD:LAX (Los Angeles, USA)
Volume: 52 cubic meters
Description: Electronics, spare parts, fabrics, plastic casings, clothing.
Flight: K4 835 /25-July


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K4 Charter/K4 835 25-Jul/LAX/Class 56 by air from Hong Kong to Los Angeles.
We loaded the goods late on the 23rd of July and delivered them to the Hong Kong terminal in the early hours of the 24th. The shipment departed from HKG and arrived in Los Angeles on schedule.

Our K4 charter can be used to book cargo from HKG to JFK/LAX/ORD.


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ASL Annual Sale, Jan-Dec K4(KALITTA AIR): LAX D1 / ORD D4 / JFK D6


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