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Jul 26,2022

What Is The Difference between FBA Freight Forwarding, International Freight Forwarding, and Shipping Agency?

What is the difference between FBA freight forwarding, international freight forwarding, and shipping agency? First of all, it is necessary to understand what FBA freight forwarding is. FBA freight forwarding means that Amazon FBA goods are handed over to the freight forwarding company for freight transportation.


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What is International Freight Forwarding?

International freight forwarding only participates in certain links of international in and out transportation, while FBA freight forwarding has to do door-to-door, basically the whole process. Even if you don't do U.S. back-end logistics yourself, you must send the goods to the partner to complete the U.S. end-stage delivery into the warehouse. International freight forwarders usually participate in import and export and customs clearance.


What is FBA Freight Forwarding?


Some FBA freight forwarders are only agents, not transportation. This is a pure agent, an agent in direct communication between the seller and the carrier. Some are both freight forwarding and transportation, such as Air supply.


FBA first-way transportation is a complex supply chain and long, and the freight forwarder who does the transportation may not be able to do the whole process, and there are relatively few people who can do the whole process of FBA first-way transportation.


Some only do the first part of the FBA first journey, and the back end is handed over to other companies; some only do the latter part, helping domestic logistics companies to represent the logistics business of the latter part of the United States. This is an overseas freight forwarder, and many Chinese companies are also very convenient to communicate with.


The products of FBA agents are different according to different channels, and some are only international express agents for small packages, such as DHL UPS FEDEX, etc. Some do air, sea, or rail forwarding agents, specializing in one or several kinds of agents.


What is the shipping agent?


The shipping agent is dealing with ship transportation. Participate in the coordination of inspection and quarantine, towing, and handling of bills of lading.


FBA Freight forwarding is a bit like traditional international freight forwarding, but FBA freight forwarding not only has to undertake the work of international freight forwarding, but also needs to connect with the shipping agency, and also complete the delivery in the latter part of the United States. More links need to be completed, and more risks and responsibilities are assumed.