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Aug 01,2022

How Many Pieces Can a Container Load?

Today we have one customer asked a question:


Carton Size: 50*60*40 ,Gross weight 15KG
How many pieces can a 40HQ container hold for shipping from China to the USA?
Avoid empty squares.


Assuming you don't know which shipping company you're going to use,
Is it ONE, Evergreen Marine, or Maersk?
Because each shipping company's containers are different in length, width, and height
So the total volume is also different.


Let’s see common shipping container sizes and dimensions.


Container Load


Besides knowing the internal dimensions of your container, it’s also important to know things like the payload capacity (maximum capacity of cargo, which should not be exceeded), tare weight (total weight of a container when empty), and the cubic capacity (maximum volume capacity). This will give you an idea of how much your container weighs, and how much weight it can transport.



For example, according to the size of 50 * 60 * 40 cm provided by the customer.


Let's start with the Maersk 40HQ calculation, the result is 598 cartons.



These cartons are in the same dimension, so we can do maximum capacity, if your cartons are in different sizes the result will be different.


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