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Shipping from China to Dubai

Sea freight from China to Dubai

● Sea shipping time (15-25 days).
● Customs clearance in China and UAE.
● Optimize your FCL and LCL price.
● Door to door delivery.
● Provide the enough space when peak season.
● Additional value-added services.
● Collect all orders combine into 1 shipment from any city in China to UAE.

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Sea freight from China to Dubai

Air freight from China to Dubai

● Urgent delivery (24 hours).
● Economy delivery (2-3 days).
● DDU & DDP.
● Customs clearance quickly and smoothly.
● Check the packaging of the cargo and pick up.
● Provide the reliable cargo insurance service.
● Door to door, airport to airport, airport to door, door to airport.

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Air freight from China to Dubai

Container shipping from China to Dubai

● Shipping time (3-5 days).
● Provide the member price to you.
● Fast custom clearance.
● Labeling, packing and re-packing service.
● Free storage service.

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Express shipping from China to Saudi Arabia

Dangerous and Sensitive Goods from China to Dubai

Given the very strict requirement of shipping dangerous cargo, we have 18+ years’ experience with dangerous cargo to help you. The shipping service including:

● Preparation of customs clearance documents (MSDS).
● Check and instruct the packaging of the cargo.
● Familiar with Saudi customs requirements.
● The cargo we can transport: Gases, Explosives (fireworks or sparks), Flammable Liquids (solvents or paint) and Lithium Batteries and etc.

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Dangerous and Sensitive Goods from China to Dubai


Q: How to calculate the sea freight charges when shipping from China to Dubai?

A: The composition of freight is very complicated and the following is the freight from port to port.

FCL cost calculate according to the one container

SHANGHAIJEBEL ALI$1100$1250$1250
SHEKOUJEBEL ALI$1300$1300$1300

LCL cost calculate according to CBM


Q: How long does it take to ship from China to Dubai?

A: Air freight time

SZXDXB9-10 hours
SZXDWC33 hours
HKGDXB12 hours

Sea freight time


Q: What should I attention when shipping from China to Dubai

A: Customs clearance documents must be prepared correctly: Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Loading, and Certificate of Origin must be prepared for the export to Dubai. If transporting dangerous goods, you need to book the space 10 days in advance, prepare MSDS certificates, and the packaging of the goods must meet customs requirements. If you don’t know the specific details, you can contact us [email protected] to help you.

Shipping from China to Dubai
Port of loading:
Port of delivery:
Quantity of packages (Unit):
Gross weight(KG):
Cargo dimensions (CBM):
Product name:


  • Competitive Price

    Competitive Price

    Airsupply spending over 6 years in the industry to create long-term contracts with highly reputed carriers; with increasing cargo volume year by year, keeping very good relations with airlines, all of these contribute to our competitive prices. Even during the peak season, ASL did not increase the prices. Also, we promise there are NO hidden costs, which helps our customers not worry.

  • Considerate Service

    Considerate Service

    You have a spontaneous question about your air shipment? No worries. We are 7 x 24 live support. Get quick responses on our platform. Communicate directly with your air freight operations manager or your account manager.

  • Customized Solution

    Customized Solution

    We provide customized solutions and multiple choices. Tell us your needs and conditions and our algorithm will calculate the best transport routes within your calculated budget. Premium or standard, you will get what you need

  • Reliable Network

    Reliable Network

    With our robust global agent partner network, we cover your businesses and markets anywhere in the world from pick up at origins, multiple consolidation, customs clearance, through to door-to-door delivery to end customers.